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Welcome to JLP Home Improvement. We are a general contracting company that seeks value through our customers’ satisfaction as well as maintaining a results-driven ethos. JPL Improvements is a family-owned company that has been operating for over 15 years and has handled more than (X) projects. We are a General Contracting Company that is licensed and fully insured within the state of Connecticut.
We take great pride in demonstrating our ingenuity through excellent craftsmanship in every project we tackle, be it through our remodels, painting services, cabinetry, design or custom built-in work. We believe in looking ahead and perfecting our trade by continuously striving to build a company that suits each and every client we work with.

Free Consulting

The advantages of working with JLP Home Improvement is that we created a simple process when taking on new projects

a) Understanding our task and expectations

b) Communication with clients & reach a mutual agreement on what can & cannot be done!

e) Execution!

Exterior Work

▪ Roof repair and replacement
▪ Gutters
▪ Deck repair and Construction
▪ Siding
▪ Window repair and replacement
▪ Door repair and replacement
▪ Brick and Stonework/Masonry
▪ And much more! 

Interior Work

▪ Fine & Custom Carpentry
▪ Painting
▪ Renovations (Residential, Comercial & Condos)
▪ Tile
▪ Sheet Rock
▪ Electrical
▪ Floors

New Construction

▪ Frame
▪ Wooden Fences

▪ Decks
▪ Gazebos
▪ Architectural Fixtures
▪ Stairs


We build dream homes.

From start to finish.

About us

Our Goal as a business is to continue growing and expanding on our areas of expertise. We have a passion for executing custom projects through excellent craftsmanship and we ask that you assist us in this endeavor by allowing us to work with you. We recognize that technology is advancing and that the area of home improvement continues to expand into uncharted territories. At JPL, we welcome these changes as they result in a fresh take on renovations, be it for contemporary, modern, vintage or traditional styles.

Our company wishes to continue delivering quality services at competitive rates. This is why we are now offering improved, key elements in our business model, all without compromising the cost, quality or efficiency of the work. We want to ensure that our clients are receiving the highest quality work and customer care available. We value and encourage all levels of communication because we believe that a strong line of communication will guarantee a product you’ll value and your absolute satisfaction.

Do It Yourself
For homeowners who are looking to save some money on the jobs we take on, here are some tips!
Demo Work
If possible, homeowners can take on the task of demo work.
Garbage Removal
Taking care of debris that came from demo work and construction can save you about 8 percent. Depending on the job site.
Prep Work
Removing the furniture and clearing out the work space we'll be working in, save us time that can be used to focused on our task for your home.

Choosing the right color, or color story for your home may be a difficult task, so let us find the right palette for your concept. We even offer custom illustration and design work that will surely update a room or a wall.


Every project is completely customized based on your home and personal aesthetic. So whether you know exactly what you want or just have a general idea, we will work with you until you find a design and build that is truly unique and truly ‘you.’

Many homeowners have unused space in their homes that they may be used for storage, or simply filled will clutter. Let us help you use that space in your home. We can rework the space and devise a room that functions for you and your family.

We give out free photography prints (of any size) with the purchase of custom picture frame. Our Picture Frames are completely custom and one of a kind. Offer Ends October 31 2014 Pictures are from a Artist named ZROCS

"We take great pride in demonstrating our ingenuity and excellent craftsmanship in every project, as we have a great deal of time and effort learning and perfecting our trade"

Jose Perez

Owner | JLP Home Improvement




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