Tired of the Color of your Room? We can help with that!

Get two bedrooms and the third bedroom Free with a custom Graphic Wall Design. Paints must be Benjamin Moore or Sherman William’s
This package includes:
1) Compound Skin coat and sand
2) Primer
3) Two Coats of finish paint
4) Trim and casing is not included  
All furnishings must be rearranged to clean room and create a non-hazardous work environment.
Email us your address with your inquiries and a JLP Home Improvement Rep will visit to ask answer your questions.


Power Washing:

We can handle all your power washing needs to make your house look crisp and clean and for you and your guest.
Mold Assessment and Prevention:
1. Natural stones roofs, whether wood or asphalt shingles, roll roofing
shingles fired clay or cement roof tiles
2. Elevated balcony decks, brick or concrete surfaces, such as patios, walks, driveways and decks around swimming pools
3. Exterior walls painted or unpainted wood siding, portland cement plaster or stucco, clay bricks, concrete blocks and other substrates, as well as interior walls of buildings.
Ask us about your our three month contract and how we can maintain your house looking clean year-around. Email us your address with your concerns and a JLP Home Improvement Rep can visit to ask answer your questions.


Are you having signs of water leakage on your ceiling and have no idea why you are having this problem? Good chance it can be your roof!

During snowstorms, snow builds up on your roof, and water becomes trapped above as ice and finds its way beneath your shingles causing a leak inside your home. This problem is mainly found in the lower pitch of your roof, which can mean your roof was not built to code.
Ice can lift roofing shingles and let water filtrate in. They can also pull gutters off, which can cause structural damage and lead to potential internal flooding. Hanging icicles may indicate water build up.
Lets us take care of your winter needs from removing snow from your Driveway, Sidewalks/ Walkways & Roof. Ask about our Packages and contract sheets Email us and a JLP Home Improvement Rep can visit to ask answer your questions.