Our services


Crown Molding, Trim, Base Board,, AZEK, Built-ins, Staircases, Door Jambs, Wainscoting, Designer Wooden Floors, Casings, Wall Panels, Columns, Repairs


Stone Walls, Pillars, Fire Place, Concrete Slabs, Cobblestone Driveways, Stairs

Paint & Stain,

Paint & Stain, Custom Pho Wall Art, Interior Paint, Exterior Paint, Refinished Paint Decks, Refinish Stain Decks, Refinish Furniture

Sheet Rock & Compound

Tape, Sanding, Skin Coat, Curved Walls, Arcs, Durock


Tile Bathroom, Tile Kitchen Floors, Marble Floors, Mosaic Walls


Pergo, Hardwood, Geometric Floor Patterns

Home Maintenance

Exterior Power Wash Siding, Trim, Decks

Lawn Care, Cutting, Trimming, Coring, Thatching, Fertilizer lyme and seeds & irrigation

Why work with us

We are building for the future.

We are currently working on changing the way we conduct business, starting with our business model and ending with our finished procedures. We pride ourselves in offering premium services at affordable rates. We aim to become a leading provider throughout the Tristate area and are working towards building a strong business with a legacy, one that is recognized for its thoroughness, care and workmanship.

  • Start to End Project Dates
  • Contracts
  • List of Materials
  • Project Manager
  • Updates With Clients
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Our process




Consulting begins by a JLP Home Improvement representative visiting a job site. We begin by assessing the project to give the best options for our client and discuss the best options for that particular project.


Detail Proposal

An itemized list of all material will be provided in the final proposal. All work is to be completed in a professional manner to the highest standards of workmanship by JLP Home Improvement (JLP). Any alterations or deviations from the final proposal, including additional costs and fees, will be made upon written agreement between an authorized JLP representative and client. JLP employees are fully insured.

Begin Project



Before starting a project, it is imperative that we reach a mutual agreement with our clients. Note: A 50% deposit is required upon execution of contract and/or final proposal. A 25% deposit will be due upon completion of 75% of project. The remaining 25% is due immediately upon completion.


Progress Review

At the end of each workday, we walk through our progress and explain to our clients what was completed. We do this so that clients have a better understanding of where we stand amongst the competition.

Complete Project



Before a project reaches its final phase, we have a standard checklist procedure to assure that you are satisfied with our finished product. This gives us the opportunity to review our services and prevents us from returning to fix any deficiencies.